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2016 Rut Hunt
User: Weasel Larry
Date: 11/8/2016 10:39 am
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We had 5 weasels in camp for the rut hunt this year.  Weasel, Larry,Gregg,Tom and Greggs neighbor Joel arrived in Camp Thursday, with Weasel Ryan arriving Friday night.  We had not been getting many bucks on our trail cameras and we were expecting a pretty bleak hunt.  Much to our suprise quite a few bucks were around and we ended up having a pretty successful hunt.  Gregg got a nice little 6 pointer on Friday and Ryan got a fat little fork horn on Sunday.  I had a shot at a six pointer on Sat,  Ithink I hit it as it made a loud thwack sound.  We could not find my arrow and unfortunately could not locate a blood trail. I'm thinking I may have hit it high enough so that it was filling with blood internally but not dripping out.  Have done that before, but we have always been able to eventually locate blood.  At any rate, nothing to show for it.  Joel missed one sat. and had lots of action.  Tom passed on some smaller bucks but didn't get a crack at a large one.  All told we've got two in the freezer and the pressure is off for rifle season..  One highlight of the trip was the discovery of a weasel living under the cabin.  Hopefully this will help our mouse problem.  I went out on my stand Sunday for a couple hours and had two beautiful Bald Eagles land about 40 yds. from me on the edge of the pond.  Unfortunatel my phone was charging back at the cabin so I could not get a picture.  Well thats all til rifle season, hope to have another positive report then.

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