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2018 Spring Turkey Season
User: Weasel Larry
Date: 5/29/2018 3:28 pm
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Well the 2018 turkey season is in the books, and while not as successful as I had hoped it would be, it was still pretty good.  My plans for bagging a gobbler up on Jessop's ridge were kind of put on hold by contineous rain during the two days I hunted.  While I did luck out and avoided having to hunt in the rain, the on again off again storms seemed to have disrupted their habits and they just weren't moving up on the ridge.  Saw a couple of hens, but no Toms and heard very little gobbling. I had a second tag for period 5 down in Dane County and that proved more productive.  I hadn.t been in the blind more than 20 minutes when two big Toms came strutting in toward my decoys.  I knocked the bigger of the two over on his back and thought I had him.  He flopped around a couple of times, and jumped up running before I could get off a second shot.  An hour later I had 3 Toms following two hens about 75 yards out.  Couldn't get them to leave the hens and had to sit there and watch them walk away.  Thursday morning started slow with a few hens coming out to feed but no Toms with them.  Then about 9 o'clock a hen came out and circled out in front of me about 50 yds out from my decoys.  Soon I noticed a big bird heading toward the hen and I could eventually make out his beard as he closed in on the hen.  He was probably 75 yards out from the blind when he started strutting.  He was concentrating on the hen and wouldn't respond to my yelps.  I decided to increase the volume and intensity of my yelps.  Suddenly the hen looked up and came running full speed into my decoys.  When the Tom saw that, he turned and headed straight toward the blind.  I let him get within about 20 yards and pulled the trigger.  This one stayed down.  Just a shade under 24lbs and a long 10 inch beard.  The beard wasn't real heavy and the Tom's tail was beat up pretty bad, so I decided not to make a mount out of this one.  This was my 40th Tom, but I have to admitt I still get a thrill every time I call one in.  Can't wait for next year.

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