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2019 Deer Season
User: Weasel Larry
Date: 12/10/2019 12:15 pm
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I've been a bit derelict in my duties so far as keeping Camp Weasel followers up to date on what was happening this past deer season.  In my defense, you didn't miss much.  Bow season was a bust, with every trip to camp either full os rai or too cold and windy to do much hunting.  We shot no deer during bow season in direct contrast to last season when we had two nice bucks hanging before rifle season began.  It was simply a matter of not getting any good shots and not seeing very many deer period.  Rifle season was somewhat better but not outstanding. We had 5 hunters in camp this year, including yours truly plus Weasels Gregg,Joel, Ryan and Carter.  Of course, Weasel Daffy was there as camp hostess.  I personnaly had a terrible season.  Due to logging I was unable to get to my rifle stand and used my bow stand which was totally out of their travel pattern and resulted in a total of two deer seen, both at a distance.  Weasel Gregg had lots of action, seeing a herd of 15 both Sat morning and Sun morning.  However no horns to be seen.  Weasel Joel shot a nice 6 pointer Sun morning on the West end of our property.  He was sitting in the wrong stand when he shot it, but you don't mess with success.   Weasel Carter shot his first deer on Sunday.  A very nice doe.  Weasel Ryan, not to be outdne by the kid, shot a yearling doe shortly after Carter got his.  Ryan also missed a buck Sat morning which was the only other buck we had shooting at.  Judging from what we heard from other camps in the area, we apparently had a pretty successful season with 3 deer for 5 hunters.  As always, camp was much more than shooting deer.  We enjoyed our annual Sunday night football viewing at Klatt Kamp and were very pleased to have a nice visit with Marlin Klatt on Monday morning.  He has been a bit under the weather, but was able to come up and visit on Monday.  We had a good visit with our neighbor Danny Becroft, got over to visit Sharon Pearson for a while, and visited with many other good friends during our trips to Indian Creek.  All in all, a fun total season and enough venison to keep us satisfied till next year.  I should mention that Weasel Gregg and Carson's planned second weekend trip was snowed out.  So it looks like the mice will have to take over and keep things going till next Spring when we can get up and do a little trail improvement and cabin improvement.  Until the, life is good, even better if you're a weasel.

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