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2029 Rifle season Phase 1
User: Weasel Larry
Date: 11/26/2020 10:11 am
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Camp Weasel had a very successful opening weekend.  Hunting this year were Weasels Larry,Gregg.Ryan and Carter.  We had 2 absense from camp this year which were indirectly Civid related due to work and school schedules.  We hope to be back to full strength again next Fall.  Weasel Gregg started with a bang getting a 6 pointer and a 9 pointer.  I tagged the 9 pointer per our mutual agreement when either of us is lucky enough to bag two bucks.  Weasel Carter got a nice little nubin buck and Weasel Ryan ended up with some bad luck.  After he and Gregg trailed a nice buck that Ryan had wounded, the blood trail stopped and they came up empty handed.  They trailed it a good 3 hours before losing it.  Actually jumped it at the end, but it had clotted up and stopped bleeding. We still ended up with 3 deer which means there will be venison again this year.  While the hunt was great, there was still something missing.  Due to Covid, we decided not to visit our many friends and camps which are traditional stops during normal years.  Hopefully we can get back to normal next year.  As usual we ate and drank well and did have a very nice season'  Heres hoping all our northern friends are happy and healthy with their freezers full of venison.  I labled this report phase 1 as Weasel Gregg is bringing Weasel in training, Carson, up this second weekend.  Gregg still has plenty of anterless tags left, and Carson is determined to fill every one of them.  Gregg isn't quite that determined, but might shoot a nice doe so, Carson can have some excitement. So, until next time, this is the Old Weasel saying life is good, even better if you are a weasel. Safe hunting everybody.

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