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A little R&R and a little maintainence
User: Weasel Larry
Date: 8/7/2015 3:59 pm
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Weasel Larry along with Weasel Dog Daffy, took off Sunday morning for a short visit to camp.  Weasel Gregg and the kids had spent a couple of nights at Greggs friend Tom's cabin and planned on joining us at Camp Weasel, to stay over Sunday night.  I arrived early in the afternoon and had just finished unpacking when Gregg arrived.  We decided a quick trip to the Creek was in order to visit with friends.  We then returned for a pizza supper.  I mowed the lawn quick and we spent a beautiful night around the campfire.  There were no mosquitoes and a slight breeze made for a pleasant time.  After breakfast, Gregg took the kids for a walk in the woods while I got started on putting a new deck belt on the Craftman tractor.  It turnned into one of those one hour jobs that take four hours.  We finally stopped for lunch as Gregg had to head home.  The tractror is down to one connection which will be completed next trip.  We also learned that a new battery is needed so I can install that at the same time.  After Gregg left I took a trip over to the Roots to see their new chocolate Lab. but no one answered the door.  I figured they were gone, but found out later that Larry was home but didn't hear me.  I returned home and started cleaning as I had told Gregg to get going and I would clean up the cabin.  Had dishes, vacuming and general cleanup which took me to bedtime.  I did run out and set the trail camera up just at dusk.  The deer are starting to come to the apple trees.  Got up Tues. morning, set my mouse traps and put out some peppermint scent to keep them away.  Stopped at Danny's on the way out but no one was home.  All in all a great trip, the apples are coming well and the wild rice is beautiful this year.  As always, life is good and especilly so if you are a weasel.  Next trip about two weeks down the road.

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