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Daffy and I get some work done.
User: Weasel Larry
Date: 8/29/2016 8:20 pm
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Weasel dog Daffy and I headed to camp Thursday morning with a list of things to do as we continue to get Camp in shape for hunting season which is only a couple of weeks away.  We started by checking the trap line and found 3 mice in the 19 traps Jan and I had set a week ago. I removed them and rebaited the traps with peanut butter.  I emptied the compost from our compost toilet for the first time since rifle season last Fall and got it set up to begin composting again.  It has really worked well for us and is a real improvement to Camp.  Daffy and I then took a walk out to my bow stand and planted a bag of no-till plot food in the clear areas around the stand.  We then returned to Camp, where I worked on the corner of the foundation where a cement block had worked loose.  I was able to place a jack in the area where the block was and it should support the corner fine.  We then headed to Indian Creek for supper and a little socializing with Walt and Elaine Hibbs. We returned to Camp, where I cleaned out another drawer and got rid of some junk behind the bar.  Things are about as ready as they can be for the opening od bow season  I'll probably have to mow one last time when I go up to hunt, but thats about it.  We will be able to concentrate on putting some venison in the freezer.  Got mixed reports on the deer herd.  Buster Nelson hasn't seen many, but Danny and his boys have been seeing some nice bucks.  Stopped and talked with Danny on the way out Friday morning and met his new Lab. pup Tanner.  Next report should be a hunting report, hopefully a successful one.  Until then remember life is good, even better if your a Weasel.

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