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First trip to Camp Weasel 2020.
User: Weasel Larry
Date: 6/1/2020 11:14 am
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Due to the virus, we had not attempted to head North until this past weekend.  Weasels Larry, Gregg, Ryan, Carter and Carson all headed to Camp on Friday the 29th, to open things up and begin maintaince.  We accomplished a tremendous amount of work in a short period of time.  Between Gregg and I we got the lawn and food plot field mowed.  While the 4 young bucks headed to the wood to clear trails and cut firewood, the old buck(me) started on some cabin maintaince. We had the lower north side of the cabin's siding replaced last  fall just prior to hunting season.  I stained the new siding and layed new vinyl flooring on a roughly 4 x 8 piece of kitchen floor which had also been replaced.  While I was doing that the boys brought in several loads of oak firewood.  The woodshed is filled to the brime, which probably gives us 5 years of firewood during hunting season.  Ryan cut a load for use at home for campfires etc.,Gregg cut a load for his campfires at home, and they also cut 16 6ft logs for me to bring home for my fireplace.  It wasn't all work tho.  Gregg and Carson had time to spot two fawns and two large bears and Carson got in a nice catch and release fishing trip.  I saw one fawn.  We had two nice evening campfires and got to swat lots of killer size mosquitos.  We ate well, including venison brats and great hamburgers.  Gregg, Carson and I tried County Line on Friday night.  Excellent social distancing and great fish fry.  The Old Fashioneds weren't too bad either.  We purposely did not go to the Creek or visit any of our northwoods friends, due to the virus.  Hopefully next trip will find the situation a little more inviteing.  Didn't mention our newer tractor went bellyup, so I get to go out and look for a new one.  Until next time, stay safe and remember life is good, even bettewr if you're a weasel.

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