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Quick trip to camp Jume 22
User: Weasel Larry
Date: 6/29/2021 11:26 am
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Weasels Larry, Carter and Daffy dog headed North Tues morning for a quick work session.  We mowed the lawn and field which were both getting pretty long.  Then we took a quick trip out to my deer stand to put new batteries in my trail camera. The solar light on the shed needed replacing so we also took care of it.  A check of the mouse traps revealed only one dead rodent.  This was a pleasant suprise, maybe our dryer sheets are helping.  By then it was time to head to County Line for an excellent supper and a couple Old Fashions.  Wed morning found us at Indian Creek for breakfast before heading home.  Had a chance to talk with Danny and his son Shane while up there and had a very relaxing trip.  I brought up two 5 gal. jugs of water so our bulk water supply is good for a while.  I left the repair kit for the boat trailer coupling on the bar for next trip.  Looking forward to getting up there in a couple weeks for a little mote maintainence.  Until then, life is good, even better your're a weasel.

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