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Rifle Season 2021
User: Weasel Larry
Date: 12/2/2021 7:45 pm
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Well, another deer season has come and gone at Camp Weasel.  We had a good crew in camp this year , with weasels Larry, Gregg, Ryan, Joel and Carter all in attendance opening weekend and Gregg , Carson and Tom up for the second weekend.  Since Gregg, Ryan and I had already taken bucks during the bow season, we decided to limit ourselves to two additional bucks during rifle season.  They had to be 6 pts or better.  It didn't take long to fill out.  Joel shot one about 7 in the morning, and Gregg connected around 9 and we were done.  Carter was still allowed to shoot whatever he liked, but chose not to take a doe and did'nt get a crack at a buck. Carson was also free to take whatever he wanted and missed a doe the second weekend.  The rest of camp time was spent visiting with neighbors.  Because of Covid last year, we did not leave camp and visit as we normally would.  Sounds like it was a good idea, as we learned 5 members of the Klatt Kamp came down with it last season.  We were able to touch base with a lot of old friends, including Sharon, the Hibbs, M&M camp, the Denvers and Larry Root.  We also stopped and talked with our good neighbor Danny Becroft.  Of course Oscar Nelson and Harlan spent some quality hours with us Sat. nite.  We always look forward to their visits, kind of consider them part of the family'.  The food as always was excellent with our traditional chili in the slow cooker opening day plus some brats and pastries to fill out the meals.  Friday night we went to County Line for steaks, and fish.  Sunday noon , The Indian Creek Tavern hosted a great hunters spread, including delicious shrimp cocktails. Have to admit I put on a few pounds.  That about covers a very successful deer season at Camp Weasel and I'm happy to say that a lot of nice bucks are still showing up on the trail cameras, so we are looking forward to next year. I think we are already seeing the results of our logging operation about 3 years ago.  Until next time, stay safe, good hunting and remember life is good, even better if you're a weasel.

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