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Rut Hunt
User: Weasel Larry
Date: 11/14/2017 6:33 pm
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Weasels Larry,Gregg and Greggs neighbor Joel Went up to camp Thursday night for a 3 day rut hunt.  Things started out badly Thurs. night when Joel broke the string on his crossbow while taking a couple of practice shots.  We were unable to come up with  a repair shop that could fix it in time for the weekend hunt.  Plan B was for Gregg or I to shoot one quick on Friday morning and hand our bow over to Joel for the rest of the weekend.  Plan C was for Joel to split firewood and fill the woodshed for a couple of years.  Unfortunately, we ended up with plan C..  I nicked one in the brisket Fri morning and Gregg hit a tree with a nice 8 point standing behind it, but that was as close as we came to success. We did not see a lot of deer and we appeared to be a few days early for active rut.  I did see a coyote and a fisher from my stand Fri morning, but only the one deer.  Guess we will have to clean up this weekend during rifle season.

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