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tifle Season 2017
User: Weasel Larry
Date: 11/29/2017 7:31 pm
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Due to several conflicts in schedules this year, Camp Weasel had only 4 hunters in camp for opening day.  Weasels Larry, Gregg, Joel and Mike along with Daffy and Remi had to hold down the fort this year.  Despite low hunter numbers and especially low deer numbers, camp was relatively successful.  On opening morning, yours truly hit a nice buck about 8 a.m. Gregg and I found some blood, but the lack of snow hampered the search.  We found one spot with several drips, but then things dried up and we lost him.  He was the only deer I saw off my stand all season. Gregg shot a medium sized doe and Mike got a nice 10 pointer on Sunday, so we ended up with two for four hunters.Had hoped to do better, but it could have been worse.  As usual the social life was great with visits to the man cave, Klatt Kamp, Denvers, Gullys and Sharon Pearson. Saw Dan Johnson and several other friends at the Creek Friday afternoon.  Mikey sprung for a great steak dinner at County Line Friday night. We've turned it over to the mice for another winter, although they will be logging our woods this winter, so a winter trip is in the works. Until next time, remember life is good, even better if you are a weasel.

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