Weasel Den

Trip to Camp 8/15-16
User: Weasel Larry
Date: 8/29/2016 7:55 pm
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Weasel Larry, along with Weaselette Jan and Weasel dogs Sammy and Daffy headed to camp for a little maintainence and cleaning prior to Fall hunting.  While I mowed the lawn, Weasel Jan cleaned the counter tops, tables and washed the living room and kitchen floors.  I worked on the compost toilet after mowing and cleaned some drawers in the kitchen.  After 4 hours of work, we headed to County Line for a couple of well deserved Old Fashioneds and a great supper.  We then came back to camp and enjoyed a nice campfire before hitting the sack.  The cabin looked so clean and smelled so fresh that Jan was awarded The Weasel of the Week Award.  We baited the mouse traps and headed for home.  I plan on coming back up in a week to check my trapline.

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