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Trip to camp 8/23
User: Weasel Larry
Date: 8/26/2017 8:58 am
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Weaselette Jan, the two weasel dogs and I headed North bright and early Wed. morning.  We met Jan's sister Sherry and their cousin Edward at Norske Nook in Rice Lake about 11:15 for lunch before going on to the shack.  Had a good time at lunch getting caught up on family happenings plus some excellent banana cream pie.  Found two mice in the traps, but otherwise all was well at camp.  We have a tremendous apple crop, so I told Jan to go ahead and pick while I mowed the lawn and food plot.  When we finished those chores, I put about 20lbs. of rock salt in our salt lick.  The ban on doing this was recently lifted by legislation and it was the first time in about 5 years that I could replenish it. The deer have been coming in quite heavily to the apples, so I put my trail camera ouy facing the two trees to se what I could pick up.  Wed night it was supper at County Line Tavern which always hits the spot. We watrched TV for a while at the cabin before turning in for the night.  Our new antenna and converter box are working well, 20 nice clear channels.  We headed up to the Creek for breakfast in the morning, then returned to pack up, mouse proof the cabin and head for home.  Stopped at Louies and picked up a couple items then headed home.  All in all a great trip, no mosquitos or ticks.  Czme across an eagle feeding on a fresh road kill right after we left the cabin.  Beautiful sight.

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