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Trip to Camp August 12 and 13
User: Weasel Larry
Date: 8/28/2022 11:23 am
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  1. Weasels Larry, Daffy, Gregg and Carson headed North primarily to get a little work done.  Gregg cut the tree which had fallen across our fire pit, into chunks we could handle.  While he was doing that, I mowed the lawn and hopefully the field for the last time this year.  The 4 wheeler seemed to be low on power and we soon discovered a mouse nest in the air filter.  It runs like a top now.  We also put in a new battery and spark plug.  We went down to my stand to install a new trail camera and cut off part of a tree that had fallen on Oscar and Busters pasture fence. Gregg also cut up a tree which had fallen on his deer stand.  While he did that, I ran down and talked to Danny and Alex about their new quail raising venture.  They let me try a pickled quail egg and it was delicious.  We headed up to the creek for an hour and then headed back to camp for one of Greggs venison and potato dinners.  I forgot to mention that while Gregg and I were doing our projects, Carson chipped in by cleaning up the fire pit and spreading gravel in a few low spots on the driveway.  Hes becoming a real working weasel. Unfortunately we were so tired that night that we went to bed without having a campfire.  Next trip for sure.  Sunday morning didn't go real well.  Gregg went out to finish off the tree on his deer stand and got the saw pinched.  He came in and got me and between the two of us managed to get the saw loose.  It was getting late so we threw what wood he had cut into the trailer to bring back to camp for firewood.  W

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