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Trip to Camp July 23-25 Adults only
User: Weasel Larry
Date: 8/2/2021 4:20 pm
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Been a long time since we had an adults only trip to Camp.  Our goal has always been to get the young ones involved and teach them the ways of the weasels, but once in a while its fun to have a few nights with just us old folks.  Weasels in attendance were Larry, Gregg, Jon and Joel.  Of course Weasel dog Daffy was along as chaperone.  We started with an excellent fish dinner at Indian Creek where not only the food was good, but the crowd was too.  We got to touch base with a lot of our friends including but not limitrf to the Roots, the Welches, the Peales and the Hibbs.  We went home and started a nice little fire in the pitt, and started recalling great times from the past. The highlight of the evening was when the leg on Weasel Jons chair broke.  The agile weasel rolled over twice before coming to a rest without spilling a drop of beer.  Proof that early weasel training is a valuable asset in an emergency situation. Saturday we cut some fire wood for Gregg and I.  Other than losing a wheel on the trailer while bringing a load in, things went smoothly.  Sat. afternoon included a trip to the Creek for the meat raffle.  Weasels Gregg and Joel were the big winners. All in all, just a relaxing trip with lots of laughs.  I did touch base with our neighbors the Becrofts before heading hom.  Great time, good food and beautiful weather. Till next time, remember life is good even better if your a weasel. I forgot to mention an interesting conversation we had with some bear hunters who were training hounds about 5 miles west of camp.  They had their hounds attacted by wolves, and after catching their hounds, they were followed out of the woods by the wolves as they led the hounds back to the truck.  Can't beat fun in the north woods.

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