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Trip to Camp Weasel June 27 & 28
User: Weasel Larry
Date: 7/3/2017 3:47 pm
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I headed North with my sidekick Weasel Daffy for a little lawn mowing, socializing and clean up Tuesday morning.  Got to camp and immediately discovered a large tree down by our fire pit.  It couldn't have fallen in a more perfect location and was completely out of the way for mowing.  I got both tractors going and did some rough cutting along the edges of the field with the old one, before hopping on the newer one and mowing the lawn and the field.  Last trip up I had planted 50lbs of plot seed in the field and wanted to get it mowed off before the new seeding was high enough to be cut off.  Mission accomplished, the new plants should get a jump start. I'm sure the field will be crawling with deer this Fall.  I used a little Roundup around the cabin and steel shed and finished up just in time for Happy Hour at the Creek.  Stayed for about an hour and saw lots of friens, including Gerry and Robin Denver ane Walt and Elaine Hibbs.  Got back to the cabin only to learn it was going to rain all day Wednesday.  Decided to go up to the Creek for breakfast in the morning and head home rather than sit in the cabin all day.  Had a great breakfast and ran into Louie Schmidt and Phil Kluege at the Creek.  Stopped at Beaver Valley Greenhouse to visit with Dan and pick up a few plants, then headed on to Cumberland.  Bought 6 pounds of Brats at Louie;s Finer Meats, and headed home.  A lot accomplished in a short period of time.  While I was at Camp, I verifyed that our apple crop would be good this year.  Big news from Camp Weasel is that our logging project is taking shape for this winter.  Till next time remember life is good and even better if you're a weasel.

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