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User: Weasel Larry
Date: 9/3/2019 4:26 pm
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I've been a little lax in keeping all our Camp Weasel followers up to date on whats been going on, so I thought I would combine our summer activities into one write up.  As you perhaps know, we had our woods logged off during Jan and Feb.  It was extensive and will require lots of hard work on our part to reopen our 4-wheeler trails and walking paths to various parts of the wood.  Our 1st post logging trip was in mid May, when Gregg and I and Carson went up to do a little wood cutting.  By taking logs that blocked our trail, we were able to open trails and gather fire wood at the same time.  We brought out about 3 and a half carts full, using the 4 wheeler and the small cart.  We checked out the beautiful bulldozed logging roads which come in off of W and made plans to seed them.  Our 2nd trip was June 11 & 12.  I had purchased about 75 pounds of mixed clover and food plot seed.  We seeded most of the logging road, approximately 3/4 of a mile. While doing this we discovered the culvert on the logging road had washed out.  This was actually a blessing in disquise.  We had planned on putting $300 in a steel gate to keep hunters from driving on the seeded roads.  The culvert was only about 40 yard from W where the logging road started.  This now prevents anyone from driving more than 40 yards up the logging road.  Instant $300 savings as we don't need a gate now.  Since we had planned on putting a new culvert in our driveway, we salvaged the washed out culvert and saved $200 we would have paid for a new culvert.  Our neighbor Dan Beecroft went down and retrieved it and put it in our driveway.  We then added about 4 inches of graavel to the driveway.  Once again, Danny pitched in and spread the gravel.  What a great friend and neighbor.  He has bailed us out so many times over the years.  Next trip was 30 and 31.  Weasel Carter abd I went up and mowed the field and the lawn.  We also started cutting additional trees out of the 4-wheeler trail to my bow stand.  Got quite a few cleared before I threw the chain on my saw and we called it quits.  Carter and I went up again and mowed August 6 & 7.  We checked out the clover on the logging road and it was unbelievable.  Just as thick and green as we could ever hope for.  The deer, turkeys and grouse are going to love it. Next up was Jan's annual trip to camp.  We mowed, picked apples and went for a short walk in the woods.  Jan did a lot of cleaning in the cabin, which was greatly appreciated by yours truly.  Our last trip was August 28 & 29 when Carter and I mowed everything off, hopefully for the last time this year.  We also picked a bunch of apples for Jan and we finally were able to get a nice campfire going.  Our campfire wood was pretty wet all summer due to frequent rains.  All of the above trips included trips to Indian Creek to visit with friends and suppers at County Line Tavern for their great specials.  As hunting season approaches, we still have a few projects to complete.  I have to get ahold of Larry Root and see if he can make a few repairs on the cabin.  We have to put our new log splitter to work and fill the wood shed with good oak firewood.  There may even be a couple of new deer stands to be built.  As I was working on this report, I received a text from Greg informing me that our neighbor Oscar had busted open a few of our trails for us with his tractor.  I just might be able to make it out to my stand . He saw 14 deer while doing it. Well enough chit chat, until next time remember, life is good and even better if you are a weasel.

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