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Work trip to Camp Sept.4 thru 7
User: Weasel Larry
Date: 9/13/2020 9:42 am
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Weasels Larry,Gregg, Ryan, Carter and Carson headed North on Friday to get things in shape for hunting season.  I went to work immediately around noon Friday and mowed off the field and yard.  Gregg, Ryan and the boys arrived later in the afternoon in time for supper and a nice campfire.  On Sat morning we began building my new deer stand and had it done by about 1:30.  After lunch The boys began working on Greggs.  They had to finish it up Sun morning as they needed a ladder to complete it.  Rather than fight the holiday traffic on Monday, I  decided to go back late Sunday day morning. After I left, they sighted in 8 rifles and a crossbow and are now ready for season to start.  All in all we had a nice time.  Some good food a couple of nice campfires and lots of work done.  Ready for deer season.  We did place a couple of bait stations in the cabin as the mice are plentiful and traps alone didnt seem to do the job.

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