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Work Weekend at camp 7/27-7/29
User: Weasel Larry
Date: 8/6/2018 2:33 pm
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Weasels Larry,Ryan,Brennen and Carter along with weasel dog Daffy spent a busy weekend at camp trying to lay some ground work for the quickly approaching hunting seasoin.  I arrived Fri night and mowed the lawn and field before heading to the Creek for a much deserved cold one.  Ryan and the boys arrived around 9 on Sat morning and we got right to work. We put the boys in charge of washing the windows which we try to clean ev ery 15 years whether they need it or not.  I touched up the compost toilet which is working well, but will get used heavily during hunting season.  Ryan worked on re-enforcing the steel shed door while I put a new battery in the old lawn tractor.  It ran great and I mowed the sides of the driveway.  While Ryan was installing a new motion light above the front door and a new outdoor outlet on the cabin deck, I went up and down the driveway on the 4 wheeler and  cut all overhanging branches which were hitting the trucks on their way in and out.  We had supper and built a nice bonfire and burned some of the wood scraps  stored under the cabin.  All in all a great weekend. We can now look out the windows and actually see the woods.  The light works and we used the new outlet to listen to the Brewers while sitting around the campfire.  I think we are ready to start reducing the size of the deer herd.  Till next time remember life is good, even better if your a weasel with clean windows.

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