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2010 Rifle Hunt

Original Post Date: 11/24/2010

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Well the cupboards are cleaned , the mouse traps are set and the 4 wheeler has been put to rest til turkey season. Another deer camp has come and gone. Seven weasels converged on Camp this year and five of them went home with venison. Should have been six, but Weasel Joel hit and lost two nice 8 pointers. Don't you hate to see a grown man cry. All in all it was a pretty good hunt, with five nice deer reduced to possession on Saturday. We then invoked the 8 point or better provision and things ground to a halt. Weasel Gregg did hit an 8 pointer late Sat. afternoon . He could tell by the blood trail that it wouldn't make it thru the night and decided to let it alone until morning. We attended a party Sat. nite and talked openly about getting it in the morning. Went out about 8:00 Sunday morning and discovered it had been stolen. Have a pretty good idea who took it. If bringing a buck home is really that important to some people then let them have it. Must really be proud of themselves. Wonder what kind of story they're telling at the bar. We ended up with 3 bucks and 2 does for the rifle season. When you throw in my buck from bow season, we have all the venison we need. We try not to take any more than we can eat each year. Weasel Cole shot his first deer this year, and Mike,Ryan and I got small bucks. Gregg got the other doe and as mentioned shot a buck which should have been reduced to possession. As usual we had a great time at the Creek talking with all of our friends. We were also invited to a great venison feed at Bob DeMasters on Sat. nite. Our entire group attended and had a great time. Joel, Brian and Cole headed home Sunday afternoon,leaving Gregg, Ryan and I to hold down the fort. We went to the Creek for a while Sunday after the Packer game and stopped at the Klatt Kamp Man Cave for a couple of beers before hitting the sack. Monday morning we butchered our deer and then Ryan took off for home while Gregg and I felt obligated to go to the Creek and socialize a bit.Ended up socializing a bit more than planned, but we did get over to the Klatt Kamp about 9:00 to see 4 very nice bucks they had hanging on their buck pole. While socializing at the Creek we did meet George Nitti who owns Hunters Point Resort in Minnesota, and one of his musky guides Gerry. Very nice people and we vowed to continue our friendship in years to come. Well that about sums it up. A great season, some great memories, great company and another tremendous year for Camp Weasel. Just doesn't get any better than this. Pictures from bow and rifle season should be available shortly, along with a few choice turkey pictures from the past few years. Just can't get my computer geek going. Hard to find a good geek these days. Good hunting.

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