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Opening Camp 4/11/2011-4/12/2011

Original Post: 4/15/2011

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Since we didn't get up north for an ice fishing trip in Feb, no one had been to Camp Weasel since Deer hunting in Nov. I thought I had better take a quick trip north before my surgery in early May. Weasel Woz abd I headed north bright and early Monday morning to get things ready for the upcoming season. My first task was to check out the mouse traps. I was pleasantly suprised to find only one mouse. The other traps had not been sprung and there was no mouse dirt around the cabin. I rebaited the traps just in case. The new rafters did a nice job in the steel shed and there was no roof damage. Both the 4-wheeler and the Cub Cadet started right up and are ready to go for cutting firewood and mowing. The small trailer had a soft tire which we pumped up so its ready for hauling firewood. All in all We were really pleased with how things wintered. We were up to the creek for Happy Hour and also for a pizza supper. Pearsons had told me ahead of time that they wouldn't be there, but we saw just about everyone but Brooke who wasn't bartending. I talked to Danny Beecroft about doing a little driveway repair and he will take care of it. In about a month he will order a load of gravel and have them send the bill directly to me. He will fill the low spot just as you come in the driveway and fill in a little by the culvert although we can't make it much wider. Most of the load will go on the hill to fill in the ruts which are getting bad. Having accomplished everything we could, Woz and I slept in Tues. morning and then headed home. I did also talk to Gully about doing some mowing this summer. Between the price of gas for a trip up there and my pending surgeries I don't know how mowing I'll be able to do.

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