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2022 Rifle season comes to a close

Original Post Date: 12/1/2022 11:05 am

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Well, the traps are set, the poison is out, and Camp Weasel is officially closed for the winter. As usual the mice are confident they will come out on top. Not much to report on this year's rifle season. It took an odd twist when Weasel Ryan came down with Covid a couple of days before opening weekend, and Weasel Joel had to back out due to some real estate activity. That left just Weasel Larry, Gregg and Carson to hunt. It didn't help that the temperature dropped to 4 degrees and the wind picked up. Needless to say, no one saw a buck to shoot. The deer had enough sense to hunker down and keep warm. Gregg missed a couple of does at about 100 yards and that was it. Ryan tested negative and was able to come up Monday as Gregg and I packed to head home. He hunted alone and was able to pick uo a nice doe on Tuesday. As he likes to say "He shot the biggest dear of the season", also the only one. With Ryans deer and the two bucks shot during archery and the youth hunt, Camp Weasel did come up with enough venison to make it til next fall. As usual, it was a great season with lots of good food and great times. The Creek served a great Surf and Turf friday night and our cabin menu was great as usual, with Greggs venison steaks and Jans chili being delicious. We visited with our neighbor Danny , got over to Klatt Kamp and saw many friends at the Creek. Until next time, remember, life is good and even better if you're a Weasel.

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