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Annual Save Gene Trip 9/7/2010-9/9/2010

Original Post Date: 09/10/2010

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Weasels Larry, Gene and Weasel Dogs Sammy and Maggie headed north Tues. on our annual save Gene trip. Nine retired teachers were scheduled to arrive at Gene's house in Melrose Wed. morning. We went straight to the Creek for Happy Hour so as to get the trip started correctly. Upon achieving a high level of happiness we went back to the cabin for a meal of New York strips and sweet corn. We capped things off with a couple Old Fashions and went to bed. Our main project for the trip was to put up my new 2-person ladder stand for bow hunting. Things went well and we had the new one up and the old one hauled deep into the woods for Greg to put up in about an hour and a half. We arrived home, gobbled a couple of Brats and I hopped on the mower to mow the lawn, while Gene got out his Ruger pistol and did a little target shooting. Then it was off to the Creek for happy hour and then on to the Clam Falls Tavern to see if any bears were being registered. Non had come in so we headed to County Line Tavern for supper. There was a nice bear at County Line that had been shot on Dan Johnson's place at 3:15 that afternoon. We called it a day and headed back to the cabin for a nite cap before hitting the sack. Thurs. morning we sighted in the new .308 that I won at the deer banquet last year and prepared to head home. All in all, it was a great trip. Sammy and Maggie have so much fun together and are inseparable. Gene and I got to visit with the Pearsons at the Creek a couple of times and saw many friends to chat with. Brooke and Donna still serve a pretty mean Brandy and seven. Since we didn't see Gully at the Creek we stopped at his place for a short visit. He and Laurie were preparing sweet corn for the freezer. We picked a few ears to take home with us, it is really nice corn. I did check my trail camera out but only had does and fawns. Some of the fawns are little tykes with lots of spots yet. Left it out hopefully I'll get some bucks next go round.To coin my favorite expression, It doesn't get any better then this. Great time, great weather and great friends. Next trip early Oct. for some repair work and bow hunting. Late Oct. Gene, I and the dogs head for South Dakota for our annual pheasant hunt which is always tremendous. Till then shoot straight and eat what you shoot.

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