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Annual save Gene Trip successful

Original Post Date: 9/7/2013

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Weasels Larry, Gene and Sammy headed north Tues. afternoon for lots of R&R and a little bit of work. Upon arriving I was happy to note that the grass did not need mowing, so our first task was completed. After opening the cabin and removing a trio of dead mice, I proceeded to my trail camera to see if we had any action. There were 484 pictures on the camera, which led me to believe I should lengthy the frequency to one minute rather than 30 seconds. I screened the pictures and have kept 302. We had one good bear picture, plus a couple of turkey pictures and a grey fox picture. The rest were deer, with a couple of average bucks, a couple of smaller bucks and a ton of does and fawns. I was suprised to see how many spotted fawns are still around. Wed. morning we went out to my bow stand and put the camo skirt on it, plus a new seat cushion and shooting rail pad. We then took the range finder and marked several trees at the 20 and 30 yard mark. I feel pretty well set for the season now. We ate lunch, cleaned the refrigerator, took a short nap and headed to the Creek a little early so we could stop at Pearsons on the way. Pearsons weren't home so we filled a 5 gallon jug with water and headed for the Creek. Had a great time, Brooke was bartending and Marlin, Gully. Walt & Elaine, and Dan and Sharon were there. Bob and Susie Carlson came in a few minutes later. Dan said they shot a nice bear in the corn next to his place earlier Wed. morning. Could have been the one Jan and I saw a couple of weeks ago. From the Creek we headed to County Line for a couple Old Fashioneds and their Philly Sandwich. Excellent meal. Thursday morning I cleaned the outhouse while Gene planted 10 lbs. of clover in the food plot. Forgot to mention that at 6:20 Thurs. morning there was a nice buck under the apple tree and a smaller buck on the plot. We headed home with a feeling of accomplishment, well satisfied with the trip. Next trip the second weekend of bow season. I've got a feeling this year. Remember life is good, even better if your a weasel.

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