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Camp Weasel on the cutting edge

Original Post Date: 7/15/2014

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Weasel Larry headed North early Saturday morning to meet Weasels Ryan, Brennen and Ashlyn for much anticipated compost toilet installation. I arrived about noon, and after a quick lunch we set our work schedule. The 6x6 room we were converting into a bathroom was too small for two people to work in so Ryan agreed to install an additional electrical outlet and the new flooring while I hopped on the tractor and started mowing. I taught Brennen how to run the cub cadet so we could both mow at the same time. Even with two mowers going it takes over two hours to mow the field and lawn. I finished up the mowing at about 3:30 just as Ryan was finishing up the flooring. We decided to actually do the installation Sunday morning. We unloaded the toilet and other supplies from my truck and put them in the bathroom because it was going to rain during the night. Ryan then did some 22 rifle and bow shooting with the boys, while I did a bunch of weed spraying around the steel shed and the cabin. You can only get so close with the riding mower and things were getting a little scruffy looking. Hopefully the Round Up will keep things in shape the rest of the year. After a quick hamburger and fries at the Creek we returned for a quiet night of TV. Sunday morning installation went very well and within an hour we had the toilet ready for start up. We put our deer antler paper holder on the wall, put up a couple of shelves and we were done. If the toilet works as expected what an improvement it will make to camp life, especially during those cold winter months when a trip to the outhouse was a real adventure. Sunday afternoon was strictly R&R. Lots of liquid consumed 4-wheeler rides and target practice. I treated the gang to supper at County Line in appreciation for all the help getting things set up. If there is a better chicken dinner anywhere I have yet to find it. The Old Fashioneds weren't too bad either. Then it was back to the cabin for a great campfire. We had lots old wood and junk from remodeling and this was the perfect time to get rid of it. The mosquotoes were pretty healthy and we had to spray ourselves well. Ever get a little Deet in your eye? Not an enjoyable experience trust me on that one. We saw a few deer around and had a nice doe come to the clearing both mornings. No fawns with her which was a lettle disturbing, hope they were just hiding in the brush. Ryan and the boys headed back about 10:00 Monday morning. I headed over to the Pearsons for a quick visit the went back to the cabin to bait my mouse traps and put out my peppermint scent. The scent seems to be working, only one mouse in the traps this trip. All in all a great trip got lots of work done and we left the place in pretty good shape. High note on the trip home was 23.6mph on the F-150 weasel truck, the best I've ever done. Gonna hate to trade it off in the Fall. Til next time remember life is great, even greater if your a Weasel.

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