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Trip North 6/10/2014 - 6/12/2014

Original Post Date: 6/28/2014

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Weasels Larry, Sammy and Charlie headed North Tues. morning hoping to get a little work done and catch bluegills. First up was to mow the lawn and field. Because of all the rain and the cold Spring, there had been no mowing yet this year. I was pleased to have both lawn tractors fire up immediately even tho the were last used about 9 months ago. We had everything mowed off and were on the way to the Creek by 5:00 pm, Saw a little bear sitting in a picked cornfield about 2 miles North of the shack. No one was at the Creek so we headed home for a supper of venison brats, and settled in to listen to the Brewers. It started raining during the night and we had to hold off on our morning fishing plans til about 10:00. We fished Largon Lake for two hours without a bite and decided to call it quits. We had just loaded the boat and were about to leave, when Gully pulled up with a big grin on his face. After giving him our report, he said he wasn't surprised because Largon froze out last winter. No one was catching anything, and the locals were upset with the DNR for not posting a notice an the bulletin board at the landing. It sure would have saved us a lot of time and effort. We got home and got the boat, motor, and fishing gear put away just as the rain started again. We headed to the Creek and a little socializing with Marlin, the Hibbs, the Carlsons and the Johnsons. Then it was on to County Line for their great chicken dinner and an Old Fashioned. It was still raining and would continue to do so the rest of the trip. I picked up a few measurements I will need for installing our new compost toilet next trip and we headed home Thurs. morning in the rain. Was disappointed with the news about Largon, but was happy to get things mowed off Will have to catch it again in a couple of weeks before it gets too long again. Next trip hopefully we'll get the new toilet installed and start getting ready for bear season.

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