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2010 Rut Hunt 11/4/2010-11/7/2010

Original Post Date: 11/8/2010

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Rut hunt 2010 started on an optimistic note, as Weasels filtered in one or two at a time to prepare for their favorite time of year. Our trail camera pictures had confirmed a nice population of bucks, with a couple of Pope & Young trophys roaming our woods. Weasels Larry and Charlie came in Thurs afternoon, followed By weasels Gregg and Tom Thurs nite and then Weasel Ryan Friday night. Thurs. afternoon saw little action with Larry seeing nothing and Charlie seeing a doe and a Buck but getting no action. Friday morning was a whole new ball game with deer movement everywhere. Weasel Gregg saw several does and bucks and wounded a 6 pointer early in the day. Unfortunately it left little blood trail and we could not locate it. Weasel Larry had a buck go thru behind him at 8:00 which he couldn't get a shot at. Then at 8:25 four does and a nice little 6 pointer came thru and he was able to drop it at about 20 yards. The buck actually died directly in front of my stand and was laying 3 feet from my 20 yard marker when I gutted it. My new crossbow really did the job, penetrating from the chest, all the way thru the deer and coming out the hind leg. In the mean time, Tom saw two nice bucks and Charlie was seeing more does and bucks. Friday afternoon Gregg saw 3 gigantic bucks but all were at a distance. Sat. morning the boys were at it at the crack of dawn with the exception of Tom who had the flu or something similar to it. The deer just weren't moving. Weasel Ryan was in the woods from 6AM til 6PM and only saw a couple. Tom did see a timber wolf. A great hunt despite only getting 1 buck. The food as always was excellent and our visit with our friends at Indian Creek was great. Weasel Mike stopped by with his son Nick to set up his stand for rifle season. Had nice visits with our neighbor Danny Beecroft and our neighbor across W Phil Kluge. Next up Rifle season. We left a lot of big ones out there so anticipation is running high. Someone is going to get a monster buck this year.

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