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2014 Rifle season disappointing

Original Post Date: 11/28/2014

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Well. the mouse traps are baited, the peppermint oil spread and the door is locked as Camp Weasel has been put to bed for the winter. 2014 was not kind to the weasels. Normally we are good for about 5 deer a year with the majority of them being bucks. This year we had to settle for 2 does. After seeing numerous bucks during our rut hunt, anticipation ran high that we would knock down a few during rifle season. Even last year under brutal winds and cold weather, we had 3 bucks the first morning. This year only one legal buck was spotted. Weasel Gregg had a shot at him but missed. While we did see quite a few does and nubbin bucks the antlers had disappeared from our woods. Weasel Gregg knocked down a couple does and Joel and I each missed one, but that was it. Aside from our inability to put venison in the freezer, camp was a great success. We visited Klatt's Man Cave and presented them with a 12 pack of this years Weasel brew aptly named Weasel Piss Pilsner. Weasel Joel did his usual fine job as official camp brewmaster. We stopped at the Pearson's but no one was home. We left a bottle of Camp Weasel Sweet Red wine for them. We had nice visits with Bob DeMaster, Gerry Denver and Danny . Oscar came over for a few beers and we did see a few of the regulars at the Creek. As always we watched Monday night football at the Klatt's main lodge and had a nice visit with that bunch. So we made the best of a bad situation, vowing to return to the woods next year with a vengeance. I will be spending the winter months perfecting a new permanent stand as I fell through the floor of my rotting old one Saturday afternoon. Next up a possible Feb. trip depending on the weather and our grand opening in the spring. Weasels participating in this years hunt included Joel, Gregg, Ryan. Brennen and myself. As usual life is good, even better if you're a weasel. We'll talk to you later.

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