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2014 Turkey Season

Original Post Date: 5/16/2014

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I drew the 1st and 4th periods this year and decided to once again combine the two periods into one write up. Period 1 started April 9th and as usual Weasel Mark and I went up on the ridge Tues. afternoon to set up for the Wed. morning opener. We were greeted with about 5 inches of snow and had to stomp down an area the size of the blind floor before setting up. We got the blind in place and the decoys up and headed back to the farm. Jerry said while we were on the ridge, three nice Toms crossed near the farm house and headed up to roost for the night. We were on the ridge and ready to go by 5:45 Wed. morning. Shooting time was about 5:50. About 6:15 we had 3 nice Toms come out and approach the decoys. They hung up out of range and would not come any closer. They would answer my yelp but would not come in. After about 15 minutes they turned and left. We were discouraged but I kept on calling. About an hour later I glanced down toward the parked 4-wheeler just as a Big Tom came over the ridge and started strutting. He had his eye on the decoys and kept coming closer at a fairly fast pace. I kept quiet and let him get to within 20 yards and shot him. He was a nice 23 pounder with an 11 inch beard. A few days before period 4 was to start I came down with a bad chest cold and was forced to cancel the second hunt. Jerry has been sick and I did not want to bring those bad germs up to the farm. Just as well as that Thursday I had a coughing spell, passed out and hit my head on the kitchen counter. Three hours and 39 stitches later I returned from the emergency room and officially declared 2014 turkey season over. This years Tom was my 34th Tom taken off Jessop's Ridge. At 75 years old, I've still got a few birds left in me, and plan on taking 35 & 36 next Spring. Like to hit 40 Toms before I put away the 10 gauge. Might even try for 45. Til then life is good, and even better if you're a weasel.

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