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A Weasels work is never done

Original Post Date: 7/15/2011

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On Thursday July 7th, Weasels Larry, Gregg, and Ryan along with Sammy and Remi headed to camp for some much overdue maintenance. While Gregg and Ryan headed for the woods with chain saws in hand, I hopped on the tractor and started mowing the lawn. The boys brought in four loads of wood Thurs. afternoon and another five Friday morning. We picked up Gullys splitter and by Happy Hour on Friday, had enough wood spilt and piled for about three years. Gregg finished caulking the windows we had put in last fall, while I sprayed Roundup around the base of the steel shed and the cabin. We then headed up to the Creek for the fish fry and some cold beverages. Ryan had to head back early Sat. morning so Gregg and I decided to socialize, We brought Gullys splitter back Sat. morning and stopped for a nice visit with Gerry Denver. From there it was over to Oscar and Roxys house for a visit with Rox and the little guy Harlan. Rox promised to send Oscar over to camp Sat. night when he was done working. After a quick stop at the Creek Sat. aft. it was on to the "Man Cave" at the Klatts. Had a nice visit with Marlin, Arnie, Earl, and Pete. We headed home for supper, built a camp fire and waited for Oscar to make an appearance. Had a good visit with him until about 12:30 in the morning, then hit the sack. During the trip I was also able to put the trail camera out hoping to get a few bear or wolf pictures, We also hung a new kitchen cabinet which provides us with much needed storage space. Hopefully I will be going back up in late July which will allow me to switch the trail camera from the bear site to our deer site. Anxious to see if the two big boys from last year are still around. All in all a great trip. Lots of wor gfot done, we socialized a bit and had a great time. Doesn't get any better than that.

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