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Another Quick Trip

Original Post Date: 4/9/2013

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On Wed. morning, Weasels Larry and Woz headed north for another short but highly important mission. We brought with us the new laminate flooring which will be layed later this spring, along with the foam underlay which it will be placed on. The weather was much nicer than last trip and the cabin was 34 degrees, much better than the 15 degrees last trip. We had 3 mice in the traps, but I'm very happy with my peppermint oil experiment. That makes a total of only 4 mice all winter. It used to run 15 to 20. After starting a fire, we unloaded the truck and then started up the 4-wheeler and loaded it on the truck. I'm going to need it for my turkey hunting trips, later in the month. After doing a little target practice with Woz's new 9mm, we headed to the Creek for Happy Hour. Seems like the crowd at the Creek never changes. Had a nice visit with Gully, Marlin, Walt & Elaine and Dan Johnson and his wife. Brooke was behind the bar and kept us entertained and well supplied with beer. At about 5 we headed to County Line for a nice chicken dinner and then back to camp for a little bourbon before hitting the sack. We loaded up after breakfast and after a short visit with Danny, we hit Louies Finer Meats for a few Brats and chicken breasts and headed home. Another great trip north to Camp Weasel.

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