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Bear Baiting Trip a success

Original Post Date: 8/18/2014

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Weasel Dog Sammy and I took off for Camp Wed. morning to do a little maintenance around camp and rebait the bear stump. Early Wed. afternoon I loaded the 4-wheeler with bait and headed down to the bait station. As I approached, I could see they had done a number on the stump. It was laying on its side and had been licked clean as a whistle. I rebaited and was going to change chips in the trail camera when I noticed the low battery light was on, so I pulled the camera and took it back to the cabin with me. There were about 220 new pictures so I knew we had company several times over the past 10 days. When I reviewed the pictures I discovered I had about 40 bear pictures and about 180 raccoon pictures. As near as I can figure I have 8 bears coming in to feed. A sow and three cubs, a yearling and three large individual bears. Two of them appear to be boars and I'm not sure whether the other is a boar or sow, but it is a very large ,heavy bear. I returned from baiting just in time to go to the creek for Happy Hour. Saw Marlin, the Hibbs, and Dan and Sharon Johnson so it was worth the trip . Stopped at Pearsons on the way back but no one was around but about a dozen humming birds. Back at camp, I mowed the lawn and sowed 50 lbs of oats on the food plot. Hoping they will grow enough to provide forage late this Fall. I then made a quick trip to the Dollar Store in Cumberland to pick up batteries for the Trail Camera . Returned to the cabin and Sammy and I built a campfire and enjoyed a pizza for supper. I put the camera back out early Thurs. morning. Nothing had hit the bait over night. The compost toilet continues to perform well and I am very pleased with it so far. All in all a very successful trip. Hope the bait continues to bring in the bears. I am starting to get excited about opening day. Til next time remember life is good and especially so if you are a weasel.

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