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Camp Weasel gets a makeover

Original Post Date: 6/24/2013

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Weasels Larry and Joel left early Thursday morning to prepare for the weasel crew to do some serious floor laying starting Friday morning. After mowing the lawn and field in the afternoon, we headed to Largon Lake for a little bluegill fishing. The gills were on the beds and we were making good progress toward catching our limit, when the thunder and lightning started up. We were forced to get off the lake with 29 nice gills in the bucket. Could easily have limited out if the weather had cooperated. Gregg and Ryan arrived later in the evening and hit the sack to get a good rest for Friday morning. As we were sitting around having a last cup of coffee on Friday morning, before tearing up the old carpeting, we were joined by a 200 bear which ambled across the clearing about 40 yards from the cabin. The flooring project went smoothly and by 5:00 the boys had the new maple laminate in place. We headed to the Creek for Happy Hour and a chance to try their new fish fry. The food was good and the beverages excellent. We headed back to the cabin about 8:30 as Oscar Nelson was coming over for a visit. Had good time talking to Oscar and were pleased to hear he had cut and split a pile of wood for us. Thats what us weasels call a good neighbor. Saturday morning the boys were up early to start on the bedroom. Our laminate tool had broke late Friday and I was sent to Cumberland to try and purchase a new one. Unfortunately I had to go all the way to Rice Lake to get one at Menards. About a 60 mile round trip, but we had to have it. The boys finished the bedroom about 2:30 and we started putting the furniture ,stove, etc. back in place. The new flooring really looks good and we'll get some pictures in our photo section shortly. We've got some great before and after shots. Other than the fact it rained most of the time we were there, it was a great trip. In addition to the bear, we saw a ton of deer. Stopped at Danny's gun shop for a short visit and saw many friends at the creek. Next trip will be to bring Weaselette Jan up to inspect. That should be interesting. Our peppermint scent mouse project continues to go well. Since deer season we have only caught 5 total mice. In the past we would have caught about 25 during the same period. We will continue to do battle with the little bastards. Thats about it for this trip, life continues to be good.

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