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Combined maintenance and Hunt 10/6/2010-10/10/2010

Original Post Date: 10/11/2010

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Wed. afternoon, Weasels Larry and Sammy headed north for a little R&R at Camp Weasel. We got there right about dark, and after unloading the truck, I built a fire in the woodburner in anticipation of a 38 degree low, and settled in with an Old Fashion. Weasels Gregg and Remy along with Greggs neighbor Joel were to arrive on Friday to replace three windows in the cabin. Joel is a contractor and picked up the windows from remodeling jobs. I planned on doing a little advance work before they arrived. After bow hunting Thurs. morning without results, I repiled our fire wood in the woodshed so as to get a better read on our supply for the season. Sammy and I did a little grouse hunting in the afternoon and I bow hunted that evening . Friday morning was more grouse hunting and getting ready for Gregg and Joels arrival. Things went great on Sat. and Joel had the windows in by about 4 PM. Joel doesn't bow hunt but he went out with Gregg and watched from a nearby stand while Gregg hunted. Sunday morning was exciting as we heard wolves howling in our woods about 5:45 AM. We did get up to the Creek on Friday night for fish and I got to visit with the Creek crowd both Thurs. afternoon and Friday night. Our meals at the cabin were excellent, Joel had home made antelope sausage for breakfasts and we had corned venison Sat. night. I was delighte to find that I had about 120 pictures on my trail camera. Some really big bucks on some of them . All in all a very rewarding and relaxing trip. Next week South Dakota and then back to Camp Weasel for the rut hunt about Nov. 5.

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