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Compost Toilet passes inspection

Original Post Date: 8/1/2014

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Weasels Larry and Sammy accompanied by Weaselette Jan made a quick trip to camp on July 29th and 30th. Jan wanted to inspect the new compost toilet and I wanted to start my bear baiting in anticipation of this Falls hunt. The toilet passed with flying colors and was especially popular Tues. night when it rained most of the night and we did not have to head outside to the outhouse. So far it has met all expectations and it appears to be a real improvement to camp life. Tuesday was a beautiful day, with a slight breeze and Jan was able to sit out in the yard and read a book while I mowed the lawn. The bear baiting went well. I had been a bit concerned about getting the 180lb hollow oak stump off the pickup and on to the back rack of the ATV. It went just as I had hoped it would. I backed the ATV up to the tailgate on the truck and rolled the stump off on to the ATV. I was then able to position the ATV exactly where I wanted to put the stump and roll it off on to the ground. Ater filling the stump with various and assorted kinds of bakery goods I added a little used cooking oil from my favorite pub to create a tantalizing aroma for Mr Bear. It was then back to camp and Jan and I headed to County Line for a couple of Old Fashions and their great chicken dinner. Upon returning to the cabin we started a camp fire and sat and listened to the Brewers til bed time. Much to our delight the trip was practically bug free mostly due to the constant breeze. We did not have a single wood tick primarily because we stayed on the shortly cut lawn most of the time. All in all, a great trip. We accomplished our main objectives and had great weather to boot. I checked the bear bait Wed. morning before we headed back but nothing had hit it yet. Will probably take them a couple of days to discover it then hopefully they will keep visiting. I plan going up in a few days to check the stump and the trail camera. We'll keep teasing them til a few days before the season starts, then pour the coals to it. Until then, life is good, even better if you are a weasel.

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