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I meet the Forester and Sammy meets a porcupine

Original Post Date: 5/16/2014

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Sammy and I headed North to Camp Weasel on Tues. May 13 for a little quality time together. There is nothing more enjoyable then spending a little time at camp with your Lab, with no real work projects , no lawn to mow and just each other for company. I had plans to meet with the forester, Neil Ambourn, and go over his harvest plans for the 2015 mandatory timber harvest in Camp Weasels forest. Neil arrived at 8:00 a.m. Wed. morning and after a couple cups of coffee we headed into the woods. Neil was very informative and gave me a lot of insight into what to expect from next years harvest. We don't have the greatest stand of timber in the world, but Neil has some pretty good ideas on how to improve our deer habitat while making it worthwhile for a logger to come in and do the job. We spent about an hour and one-half in the woods, marking our North boundary and working our way back thru the woods discussing cutting plans. I was very pleased with the visit and look forward to working with Neil during the next few months. I kept wishing the boys could have been with us and heard his comments. Neil left about 10:30 and I decided to let Sammy run and hunt a bit while I unloaded the 4-wheeler from the truck. I noticed she wasn't around when I finished unloading so gave her a yell. She came out of the woods with her nose full of porcupine quills. I called her to me and began the painful job of removing the quills. There must have been 25-30 of them in her nose and upper muzzle. Fortunately there were none inside her mouth or we would have had to head for the Vet Clinic. She was a good trooper as I removed them one at a time from her nose. It was a pretty bloody mess by the time I finished, but after cleaning her up it looked pretty good. After I let her go, the first thing she wanted to do was go back and take care of that porky, but I convinced her it wasn't good idea. Wed. afternoon we headed for the Creek to visit with our favorite bartender Brooke and our other Indian Creek friends. Saw Marlin, Walt and Elaine Hibbs, Jim Barnaby and several others. Dan Johnson was there and said that Sharon Pearson would be working at the greenhouse Thurs. morning so I made plans to stop and see them Thurs. morning on my way home. I had stopped and had a good visit with Danny Beecroft on my way in Tues. afternoon. The big disappointment of the trip was that my trail camera didn't work and I got no wolf pictures. The good news was that our peppermint scent seems to be working on the mice in the cabin. Only 1 mouse and 1 shrew in 6 weeks which is a great improvement over previous years. All in all a great trip. The temperature was around 34 each night but the wood stove kept the cabin at 70 all the time. Nothing better than sitting in front of a wood fire listening to the Brewers and talking to your dog. Great company. I'm looking forward to going up in 2 or 3 weeks to mow the lawn and the field and hopefully do a little fishing. Til then as always its great to be alive and even greater to be a live weasel. P,S, The F-150 weasel wagon gave me 22.3 mpg on the way home. Thats about as good as it can do and certainly not bad for a full size 4-wheel drive with v8 engine.

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