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Its not just about the turkey

Original Post Date: 4/15/2011 12:27 pm

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Well it was an interesting turkey hunt this year. For Camp Weasel followers who weren't aware of it, I tore my rotator cuff in Feb. and had initially called off my hunt for this year. However as things dragged out and surgery was put off til May 2 I talked to the Dr. and got permission to try it. I was to use my crossbow if possible or if using the shotgun I was to put the stock on my chest rather than shoulder. Wed. morning found me up on Jessop's Ridge ready to go. I did have a Tom come by about 9:30. He was too far out for the crossbow, and moving so I took a shot with my 12 gauge. I hit him but he didn't go down. I discovered two things with that shot. First my shoulder wouldn't take the recoil even if I did hold the stock on the chest. It immediately acted up and I knew I had better call things off. My right arm has turned black from the armpit down into the forearm. I don't think I did any damage as I can still do everything I could before but it sure looks rough. The second thing I realized after I shot was that I had forgot to change choke tubes in my Ruger. Last fall in SD I had changed to modified and improved cylinder. I had shot at the Tom with improved cylinder which was why he hadn't gone down when hit. Just wasn't thinking cause I've always used my 10 gauge on turkeys. Despite my problems it was great season. I just love getting up to the Jessops to exchange stories every Spring, I saw lots of birds even though I didn't shot one and I've got lots of memories to hold me til next spring. Mike and Pete the two DNR warden who also hunt Jessops were there and we had a lot of laughs talking about some of their experiences since we last got together. I've said many times its not the game you shoot but the memories you bring home that make the hunt successful. I had a great hunt this year. Its not just about the turkey.

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