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Opening day of Bow Hunting a wash

Original Post Date: 9/21/2011

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Weasels Larry and Charlie headed North as Weasels Gregg,Tom and Remy were headed West to gather at camp on Friday to prepare for Saturdays opening of Bow Hunting. Larry mowed off the field while Gregg and Tom honed their archery skills. Charlie had a beer and proclaimed that he was ready. Saturday morning was pretty much uneventful. Charlie saw 6 but the rest of us only saw a couple and that was while walking in from the stand. Our plans were to go up to the Creek for an hour and a half and then return to the woods from four til about seven-thirty. Unfortunately we suffered a change in plans. When we arrived at the Creek I was informed that I had won a nice Deer rifle on a raffle. It was a Savage Axis in 270 caliber. It has a Camo stock and a 3 x 9 variable scope. Needless to say, a celebration was in order. By the time the dust settled we wisely decided to go back to camp and fix supper without trying to find the woods. We hit the stands early Sunday morning but after about a half hour it began to rain. It continued to rain for 14 hours straight. Gregg and Tom decided to get an early start home. Charlie and I had planned on staying and hunting Monday morning, but awoke to mist in the air and called it off. Thus we didn't hardly get our feet wet opening weekend. I did bring my trail camera in and checked it and was delighted to find 96 pictures on it. These were all taken since Sept. ninth. Have one really huge buck, plus a nice eight pointer and a pretty nice six pointer. Also have 3 or 4 scrub bucks as well. This bodes well for thr rut hunt and we expect to have venison hanging from the Buck pole that weekend for sure. Once again it was a great trip with lots of good food and good humor. Of particular note was watching Charlie go after a red squirrel with his pistol. As he left the cabin I told the boys that any time Charlie matches wits with a squirrel, my money is on the squirrel. My money was safe.

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