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Rifle season at Camp Weasel

Original Post Date: 11/26/2012

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By now the cabin is completely permeated with peppermint vapors, and hopefully any mouse who pulled on a gas mask and entered, has been caught in one of my 20 strategically placed mouse traps. Six weasels made the trek north this year including Larry Joel, Gregg, Ryan, Mike and our first weasel in training Brennen. We had a good but not great year, with Gregg getting a nice 8 pointer opening morning and Mike getting a spike that afternoon. We were a little short on venison till Ryan shot a couple of nubbin bucks Sunday afternoon. Everyone saw a few deer except for yours truly who caught a glimpse of a tail Sunday for my only action. I did see two nice flocks of turkeys on Sat. which was very encourageing as we are trying to establish a good population of them. We had an excellent camp socially, with our friends from the old Greshe Camp stopping over Friday, and our neighbor to the south Phil Klugy and his brother stopping over Sat. We missed Bob DeMaster and his gang who stopped over Sat. while we were at the Creek. Oscar and Roxie stopped by and talked with Ryan while we were gone. We butchered Monday morning and after Ryan headed home, Gregg and I made a few social calls. First off to Pipe Lake to visit Gregg's old college buddy Tom. Then a quick stop at Gerry Denvers before heading up to Ron and Sharon Pearsons for a nice visit. Monday night was our traditional visit to Klatt Camp to watch football and spend time with some great friends. The weather was excellent, the food good and it was yet another great year at Camp Weasel. We can now sit back and enjoy our memories as we await next spring. There are big changes in store for camp as we make plans to tear out the old carpeting and replace it with hardwood floors. A new front door is also on the list of improvements as we try to keep Camp Weasel on the cutting edge of northwoods deer camps.

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