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Rut Hunt lots of fun, but not too successful

Original Post Date: 11/14/2014

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Weasels Larry, Gregg, Ryan and Tom converged on camp for the annual rut hunt. I actually arrived early on Thursday and after having a quick visit with Gully at the Creek, I headed to camp to get the fire started and do a little evening bow hunting. Saw a couple does but no bucks. About 6 o'clock I heard a vehicle in the driveway and was happy to see Jim Barnaby get out. We had a good visit till about 9, hoping Gregg, Tom and Ryan would show. Jim left and about 20 minutes later the boys arrived. Too bad as they really wanted to see Jim. Friday morning we were back in the woods at daybreak. Every one saw bucks with Gregg missing one and wounding one. He trailed it for an hour, but couldn't catch up. After missing and maiming one, we tried to trade Gregg to Camp M&M for a case of beer, but they said we were asking too much. I had a huge 8 pointer at about 50 yds. Friday morning, but he was with a doe and I couldn't get him close enough for a shot. We continued to see bucks every time out and had an enjoyable hunt despite the lack of action. Mike hit one Sunday morning but it was high on the shoulder and didn't do a lot of damage. The boys followed the blood for a while till it became obvious they weren't going to get him. Friday night was social night. We started at County Line for their steak special, then headed to the Creek were we ran into Larry Root. Soon our neighbor to the South Phil Kluge showed up and then Root called Gerry Denver and he joined us. Several beers later we headed home, after a really great time visiting with old friends. Our hunt was cut short by the pending snow storm which caused us all to leave on noon Sunday. As it turned out it was the right move as Sunday night and Monday they picked up 15 inches of snow. All in all a great trip, everyone hunted hard including yours truly who didn't miss a single trip to the woods. We all saw bucks, visited with friends, ate well and went home happy despite the lack of venison. There are plenty of bucks left for rifle season and we're just going to have to dig a little deeper next weekend. Until then, just remember life is good and even better if you happen to be a weasel.

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