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S.D. Pheasants breathe a sigh of relief

Original Post Date: 10/30/2011

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Sunday morning Oct.23 Weasels Larry and Gene along with Sammy and Maggie headed for Gettysburg S. D. intent to kick some pheasant ass. The two old guys from Wisconsin had been waiting a year for this. The pheasants were not as plentiful as in past years, but were still in adequate numbers to provide excellent hunting. We were able to limit out as in past years, but had to work a little harder. I soon learned I wasn't going to be as much help as I had planned on, due to my bad right arm. I still managed to shoot a few and Gene and faithful guide John picked up the slack. We hunted with five Labs this year so our dog power was tremendous. Weather was excellent with temps. in the low 50s during hunting hours. The birds tended to be a little wilder and flushed further out much of the time. This caused me problems as I couldn't get my gun up quick enough due to my weakness in the right arm. Gene and John were quick as cats however and did some nice shooting. When the dust cleared we had 30 plump roosters in the freezer and another super hunt completed. As usual we made the most of the great steak dinners at Boones in Hoven S.D. I highly recommend it if you're ever near there. We pretty much cooked our own breakfasts this year, with Gene being the master chef. As we headed home we couldn't help but think of the great times we've had with our good friend John over the past ten years. We were very fortunate to have found the perfect situation for us old guys from Wisconsin. Next up is the annual rut hunt starting Nov. 4th. Hopefully it will be as successful as South Dakota. Can't wait to get a crack at a buck with my cross bow. I'll keep you posted.

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