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Save Weasel Gene trip a success

Original Post Date: 9/9/2011

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Weasels Larry, Gene and Weasel dogs Sammy and Maggie headed north Wed. morning for our annual save Gene trip. We got Gene out of Melrose just minutes before a whole bevy of retired teachers converged on him. We planned an easy trip free of cooking or any big projects at camp. When we arrived at camp I immediately began mowing the lawn while Gene cut down a tree which was hung up over the driveway. Fortunately we were both able to finish in plenty of time to make Happy Hour at the Creek. Had a good talk with the Pearsons, Marlin and Jim Nelson while there. Also saw Walt & Elaine, Rodney, Louie and of course our favorite bartender Brooke. After buying what we were assured were the winning tickets in the Buckarama raffle from Sharon Pearson, we headed out for dinner. Made a quick stop at Oscar & Roxys to drop off a case of beer for Oscar then headed to Gullys for a short visit, before going to County Line for supper. A couple of Old Fashions and a great dinner later we headed back to camp for a little R&R. My tractor has been heating up so next morning we cleared a mouse nest out of the air intake and solved the problem. We then picked four bags of apples and headed up to the Creek for breakfast. Ron Pearson and Dan Johnson had told us about a great place to buy sunflower seeds for the birds. We stopped and picked up 3 fifty pound bags. Great price of $15.00 for fifty pounds. They want $21.95 for 25 pounds down here. All in all a great trip. We were able to relax and enjoy ourselves and can't wait to try it again. Doesn't get any better than this. Next trip next weekend for the opening of bow season. May just have to shoot a big one.

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