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The Bear Facts on Official Inspection Trip

Original Post Date: 8/10/2013

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The dynamic trio of Weasels Larry, Jan and Sammy headed north to camp early Wed. morning. This was billed as the official inspection of our new flooring, plus a much needed kitchen cleanup. Its hard to believe that kitchen floor hadn't been scrubbed in 6 years. Time sure flies. Inspector Jan was very impressed with the new laminate flooring and had high praise for the installers. First on our agenda was to mow the field and the lawn. I had bought a used 17hp Craftsman riding mower which we brought up with us, and Jan was very pleased to have her own personal mower. I put her to work on the Cub Cadet mowing the field, while I mowed the lawn. I joined her on the field after finishing the lawn, and we did the complete job in a little under 3 hours. She then started scrubbing the kitchen counters and tables, while I grabbed my tree trimming saws and went to work on the apple trees. Weasel Gregg had been up a week earlier and had let me know that our resident bear had broken several branches trying to get apples. Took two off of one tree and a huge one plus four smaller ones off the other. They looked real good after the trimming and will be much easier to mow under. I had planned on running up to the Creek for an hour, but by the time we finished our chores it was 5 o'clock and we were both hungry and ready for an Old Fashioned. I must say the County Line Tavern has greatly improved the quality of their Old Fashioneds and I showed my appreciation by having two. The chicken dinners were excellent as always and before long we were headed back to camp to scrub the kitchen floor. As we were heading up County Line Road toward Beaver Vally Greenhouse, a huge Black Bear came running out of a cornfield. He stopped and stood up on his hind legs and he was at least a foot taller than the corn. This would put him at six to seven feet tall. We now have seen bears on our last three trips to the cabin. We got the picture of the one in our clearing when we did the floor, Gregg saw a cub last week when he was up, and then we saw this one. Guess I better cash in my points and get a bear tag next year. The kitchen floor cleaned up beautifully, I didn't remember it was brown. A big Thank You goes out to Weaselette Jan for being a good sport and cleaning everything up so nicely. I can't remember the last time the cabin looked and smelled so clean and fresh. My final act for the trip was to put the trail camera up in the clearing to see what's coming into the food plot. We did have a nice doe and two fawns Thurs. morning. Everything looked so nice we hated to leave, but we were due at Sherry and Gary's for lunch. After a quick trip at Louies to buy an assortment of Brats, we headed toward Phillips. All in all a great trip. The weather was great, we got lots of work done and the cabin is in the best shape its been in years. As a parting shot, Jan left us with a new mop, dust mop, pail, and cleaning supplies. She also hinted that she is preparing an instructional video which will be mandatory training for all weasels. She was heard to mutter something about not expecting her to come up and clean it every six years. I tried to tune her out and only look at the positive. Thats about it for this trip. Remember life is good and its especially good if you're a weasel.

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