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Trip to Camp Weasel a wash

Original Post Date: 6/18/2012

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On Tues. morning June 11th, Weasels Larry and Charlie along with faithful Weasel Dog Sammy headed to camp with high hopes of limiting out on Blue Gills on Largon Lake. This was my first trip up since Feb. and I was looking forward to getting things mowed off, cleaning the cabin and catching some fish. Things started out great. I mowed the lawn and field while Charlie wiped off the counter tops, tables etc. The Indian Creek Tavern was close due to an upcoming change in management, so we ran up to Clam Falls for a couple of beers, then headed over to Gullys. I paid him for mowing the lawn a few weeks earlier and then it was back to camp to get ready for fishing on Wed. morning. We hit Largon fairly early and started across the Lake only to discover that my battery for the electric motor had very little power. Charlie took over with the oars and got us into a batch of Lily Pads. The fish were biting fairly well and we had 12 about 8 inches long in about an hour. About then the rain clouds started forming and we headed off the lake. Got things put away and were just starting to head back to the cabin when the rain started. Well to make a long story short it never quit. Rain was predicted for the next five days. We got up Thurs. morning as a Thunder Storm was pouring rain on the cabin. We decided we weren't going to get on the lake again this trip and decided to pack up and head home a day early.. Needless to say we were very disappouinted, but it had been a good trip. Saw 5 deer in the clearing on Tues. night and 3 more Wed. morning. I also saw a hen grouse and three little ones while mowuing Tues. We caught a few fish, got the cabin cleaned and had a good visit with Gully. Trips to Camp are a lot like beer. There are no bad ones but some are better than others. It was good to get up there and I'm already looking forward to my next trip.

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