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Weasels Decimate Canadian Pike

Original Post Date: 8/8/2012

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The Camp Weasel International Fishing Team had another highly successful trip to Kingfisher Resort near Perrault Falls, Ontario. This was our 4th trip to Kingfisher and each trip seems to get better. As always we killed the northerns, but we also managed some nice stringers of walleye and perch. Weasels on this years trip included Larry, Jon, Joel, Jarrod, Ryan, Mark, Paul, Eric, Brent and our newest weasel Cole. Winners of the biggest fish contest were Brent-walleye, Paul-northern, and Jarrod-other fish category. Weasel Eric once again did a yeoman's job of keeping us well fed. His barbeque ribs, Norwegian potatoes and fried fish were excellent. We also had a great steak fry Mon. night and a fine shore lunch on Tues. Our weather was great and bugs weren't too bad, although they did manage to bloody a few ankles. As always the Kingfisher Staff was helpful and really made our stay enjoyable. Lester did his usual fine job of fileting our fish, however we did have to point out to him that we found one small bone. Not bad over a four year period, but we are a little concerned that his age may be showing a bit. Paul had his usual fine luck using a #2 Mepps spinner. We keep telling him he'd catch twice as many with a #4. All in all a great trip. Can't wait to do it again in two years. Pictures should be posted shortly.

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