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Weekend of 10/14/11 - 10/16/11

Original Post Date: 10/17/2011

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Weasel Gregg and Weasel Dog Remy took off mid-morning on Friday of what hoped to be a fun filled weekend of filling the freezer. We were joined Friday night by Weasel Mikey and his dog Buck who came to hunt ducks. Now for the hunts.

Friday afternoon started fast and furious, but things would change dramatically has the weekend went along. The afternoon started with 2 does and a spiker being under my stand as I walked out. After playing peekaboo with them for 5 or so minutes they finally trotted off to safety. About 5 o'clock a Big 8 and an average 6 walked in together, and stayed for about a half hour. The 8 never got closer than 30 yards, and when he was out of the brush he would never turn broadside. The 6 came in to about 20 yards, and I sent an arrow that deflected on a twig and went just over his back. The night ended with a little buck feeding through, but never close enough for a shot.

Saturday morning was windier than Friday, and I saw 3 deer total for the whole day.

Sunday morning I saw one deer, and that deer was under my stand as I walked in.

Mikey managed to harvest 3 woodies on ponds, and there were a lot of ducks flying around this weekend.

After rocking and rolling in the stand all weekend, it's back to the cubicle farm for a couple of weeks until the Rut hunt in November. All in all, it was a weekend of coulda woulda and shoulda, but thats hunting. Never did step foot in the Creek over the weekend, as we were content visiting with Oscar and watching the ball games on TV.

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